The Be Cool Attitudes

We’re all familiar with the Beatitudes of Jesus, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, etc.” These famous lines of scripture describe the secret sauce of a blessed life. And yet, some people struggle to find peace and blessing in their lives, even though they profess a Christian faith.

If we’re looking for peace and blessing, where do we start, some ask.  Certainly, the answer of the faithful for millennia has been, “God! Start with God!”  

But for some, the answer may begin a little closer to home.

I recently heard a story about three women who died and were standing at the pearly gates waiting in line to get into heaven. There they meet St. Peter. He tells them he has some other important business to transact and asks them to wait outside.

Finally, he returns and calls the first woman into his office. He apologizes for making her wait so long.

"Oh, I don't mind at all," the woman says. "I'm so thrilled just to be here in heaven."

St. Peter is delighted by her attitude. "Well, then, if you can just answer one question for me, we can finish processing your papers. Now tell me, how do you spell 'God’?"

The woman spells it for him, then she goes on into the celestial realm.

St. Peter calls in the next woman and apologizes to her for making her wait.

"It will be worth it, I'm sure," she answers. "I’ve waited this long.  I’m willing to wait one thousand years to see God face to face."

St. Peter is very pleased. He insists on asking her one more question for the records.

"Tell me, dear lady, how do you spell ‘God’?”

The woman spells it perfectly, then enters the pearly gates.

Finally, St. Peter calls in the third woman. He also apologizes to her, but she refuses to accept his apology.

"It was quite rude," she says angrily. "All my life on earth I had to wait in lines. Wait at the checkout counter, wait at the bus stop, wait for the kids to get home from school, wait for my coffee break. And now you expect me to wait to get into heaven? Well, I just won't stand for it! This isn’t right and you’re going to fix this."

St. Peter said, "I'm so sorry. If you'll just answer one more question for our records, then you can go on in. Tell me, how do you spell 'Czechoslovakia’?"

The point of the parable: if we seek to find peace and blessing of the eternal kind, we must begin with ourselves and our attitudes. The Beatitudes of Jesus were written to people who had waited a couple of millennia for a savior.  His message to them: Be Cool! God has your back! No matter what’s going on in your life, know you are blessed. You have peace with God. Be cool! God’s going to work it all out in the end.

The secret to a life of blessing and peace: “Start with God! Adopt the Beatitudes! The Be-Cool Attitudes!” and watch everything in your life change, beginning with you.”

Pastor Frank

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3