CONNECT - A Course on Holistic Spirituality

“Heal the sick who are there and tell them – the Kingdom of God has come near to you.” 

Luke 10:9

CONNECT:  A Course in Holistic Spirituality 

Spirituality is the practical part of a life of prayer.  Prayer is a core value at Amazing Grace, considered  a fundamental part of  a well-rounded  living faith.  However, most people have a very limited concept and experience of prayer, associating it mainly with verbal activity toward God.  Since Lutherans have for generations been taught to be suspicious of loud, attention-drawing forms of public prayer and testimony considered by some to be a form of false spiritual showboating, the practice of prayer, even as a verbal activity, has gone underdeveloped within the Lutheran tradition.  Thankfully, within the current ecumenical age, Lutheran Christians and people everywhere are waking up to the significance of a well-developed life of prayer in the modern spiritual journey.

The word spirituality connotes the broadest sense of a life lived "praying continually.”  Reaching beyond the liturgical and verbal prayers prayed in community, the practices of spirituality ground the whole life of Christians in the holy foundations and directives prepared and offered in a daily living relationship with God.  These practices are teachable but require guidance and informed leading. The purpose of CONNECT is to invite people of faith onto the journey of companioned formation in practices of  spirituality that will aid in their growth in grace, granting them a deeper appreciation for the power of  faith in their lives.

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