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Welcome to Amazing Grace Lutheran Church in 
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We seek to share the good news of Jesus Christ everywhere.  We are an open community that welcomes all people regardless of your faith background, your personal lifestyle,  your geographical location, whether you are a church goer or not, a seeker,  or a devout follower.  We seek to provide you with a meaningful experience and to be a place where you can come to draw strength and inspiration, and connect with God's spirit and your own in order to enrich your life.  We offer thoughtful and soul-provoking worship, preaching, teaching, and music.
We hope you'll join us !


 The governor of North Carolina recently issued an order for  the  start  of  Phase  One  of  reopening  the  state. Businesses,  stores  and  restaurants  have  begun  to loosen  the  restrictions  surrounding  their  operations, allowing  some  activities  previously  prohibited.  This  is good news of progress gained from our proper handling of  this  devastating  health  care  crisis.  However,  even though  Phase  One  suggests  progress,  the  new  orders continue  to insist  upon  appropriate  six-feet distancing, gatherings  of  no  more  than  10-people,  and  the  strong suggestion of mask-wearing in public at all times when social contact may occur.  
Some may interpret the relaxing of restrictions to mean a  return  to  normal  activities,  and  a  return  to  life  as previously  normal.  However,  this  is  not  the  case.  Officials  will  continue  to  monitor  the  development  of the Covid19 virus in our area, see how we manage the new  normal  under  Phase  One  and  determine  whether to reinstate stricter guidelines or relax them further.  All North Carolinians are therefore encouraged to continue doing  their  part  in  alleviating  the  scourge  of  this  virus upon  our  land  so that  we  can  recover  all  our  precious freedoms earlier by doing the right thing now.
As  the  result  of  the  North  Carolina  Phase  One  orders, the  question  has  arisen  as  to  when  Amazing  Grace might  return  to  regular  in-person  worship  and  other congregational  gatherings.  Some  have  suggested relaxing  our  strict  observance  of  no  in-person gatherings  to  allow  for  parking  lot  worship  similar  to non-Lutheran congregations in our area or by providing some  other  work-around  for  congregational  gathering. As  the  period  of  quarantine  has  lingered,  many  have grown  weary  of  isolation,  miss  the  sight  of  familiar friends, the blessing of the sacrament of the altar, and the  joy  of  Christian  fellowship.  As  a  result,  some  have suggested that we gather in some manner now.  
As  the  landscape  surrounding  Covid19  continues  to evolve,  the  leadership  of  Amazing  Grace  continues  to evaluate  and  consult  with  North  Carolina  Lutheran authorities  on  the  proper  response  to  this  ongoing situation.  The latest guidelines communicated from the North Carolina Synod Council suggest that no in-person worship or gatherings larger than 10 people be planned in ELCA congregations before June 1st
.  This date of first contact  is  open  to  be  extended,  depending  on  public health  trends  emerging  at  the  end  of  this  month.  A determination will be made on or around June 1st
 as to a  possible  regathering  date.    The  congregation  will  be alerted  through  all  media  as  soon  as  that decision has been made.  
Something to keep in mind: Stories are now appearing from  churches  who  have  defied  state  orders  in  the United  States,    gathering  at-will  against  the  advice  of strict  adherence  to  public  health  recommendations. Pastors of several large evangelical churches and many congregational  members  have  lost  their  lives  as  the result  of  this  defiance.  Recent  observations  of  parking lot  worship  at  area  non-Lutheran  churches  indicates that significant numbers of people (more than 10) were ignoring  strict  gathering  guidelines  under  the  North Carolina law even before the Phase One guidelines went into effect. This indicates that even with full knowledge of  state-wide  guidelines,  safety  precautions  were  not enforced unilaterally at local congregational gatherings. This  information  is  not  shared  to  judge  or  shame congregations  who  have  chosen  a  different  path  than Amazing  Grace,  but  is  shared  to  suggest  that,  as  a congregation  of  Southern  people  who  enjoy  being  a part of a relational church, Amazing Grace would likely be as challenged as our brothers and sisters in Christ at neighboring  churches  in  unintentionally,  and  perhaps innocently, violating social distancing protections of our most  vulnerable  members.  Given  the  general  age  and health  condition  of  the  Amazing  Grace  congregation, precaution should be utmost in our considerations. The loss of even one of our members with underlying health conditions because of Covid19 spread at worship is too high  a  price  to  consider.      The time  will certainly  soon come  when  we  can  adequately  and  safely  gather  for worship  and  fellowship.  In  the  meantime,  we  are encouraged  to  be  patient  and  join  others  at  Amazing Grace Digital Online in whatever platform is available to us.
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Practicing Baptismal Renewal

 In the Lutheran tradition of faith, we recognize and practice two sacraments: Baptism and Holy Communion. In the advent of the Corona virus, due to safety concerns, we are not able to safely offer the sacrament of Holy Communion. However, Baptism is also a means of grace. The practice of remembrance of Baptism and the rite of baptismal renewal is an age old Lutheran means of nurturing faith and a return to grace. During today’s worship, you have the opportunity to participate in the rite baptismal renewal. After the general welcome to the broadcast, Pastor Frank will lead you through a rite of public confession and baptismal renewal. Prepare a small bowl of ordinary water and place it on your home altar or wherever you view and participate in worship. When Pastor Frank takes a vessel of water, dips his index finger in the water and marks the sign of the cross on his forehead in remembrance that he is baptized, do the same. In so doing, you touch the means of grace that claimed you as a redeemed child of God, a forgiven sinner, and an inheritor with all the saints in the blessings of God. You receive anew the promise of forgiveness, salvation and sanctification that is also bestowed through the sacrament of Holy Communion. What’s more, you can and are encouraged to practice this rite of baptismal renewal daily, in groups, in solitude, with or without lay or clergy present. It is the perfect sacramental practice for a time of isolation or communal exile.

Latest Sermon

May 24, 2020 - The Test

Week 6 of Exile and the Kingdom

First Lesson: Acts 1:6-14 
Psalm 68:1-10, 32-35 
Second Lesson: 1 Peter 4:12-19 
Gospel: John 17:1-11 

Life challenges can be tests of faith and connect us with the sufferings of Christ. How we handle tests demonstrates the depth of our connection with Christ Our King.

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