Welcome to Amazing Grace Lutheran Church in Granite Falls, NC!

We seek to share the good news of Jesus Christ everywhere. We are an open community that welcomes all people regardless of your faith background, your personal lifestyle, your geographical location, whether you are a church goer or not, a seeker, or a devout follower. We seek to provide you with a meaningful experience and to be a place where you can come to draw strength and inspiration, and connect with God's spirit and your own in order to enrich your life. We offer thoughtful and soul-provoking worship, preaching, teaching, and music.

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Welcome to our new pastor, Rev. Dawn Schaeffer!

Pastor Schaeffer (pictured right in center) was ordained and installed as the pastor of Amazing Grace on November 26th, 2023.  We are excited to begin our walk together and are thankful that God has brought us to each other!

We hope you'll join us!