Welcome to Amazing Grace Lutheran Church in Granite Falls, NC!

Our mission is to grow in faith by seeking the will of God and sharing his love with all people. 

Our Values

We have identified five guiding values that we feel are essential to focusing and carrying our our mission.

Prayer & Quality Worship
We value opportunities to commune with God through various forms of prayer &worship, including personal & small group prayer as well as congregational worship & musical expressions.
Biblical Instruction
We value opportunities to increase knowledge, confidence & use of Christian sources of faith development centered in the Old and New Testaments.
We value opportunities to enjoy fellowship & develop relationships, including blood relatives but extending to the wider human family.  This includes traditional families, but also includes non-traditional relationships.
We value opportunities to create new approaches with a willingness to experiment & explore the upward call of God in new ways with an openness to trail & error for the sake of freshness & renewal.
We value opportunities to connect the ministries of the church with the emerging cultural environment in ways that communicate the ancient message of the gospel in current language, modes and forms of expression.
Our Statement of Vision
We envision Amazing Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church as...

A sanctuary filled with young, middle-aged and senior people of diverse backgrounds excited to enter the presence of the Lord to express a variety of worship and praise.

A community that upholds the value of excellence in musical performance focused on ever-improving, high quality, upbeat, and spiritually inspiring music, and is known for dynamic and innovative worship expressions that reach beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, offering traditional and alternative opportunities for worship.

A community that teaches all members to be faith leaders.

A community that frequently engages in church outings and develops community partnerships.

A community that boasts a strong digital church presence in the community, including online portals of access, where seekers can worship, pray, tithe, study the Bible, and attend learning events online.

A musical arts community that provides a venue for visiting musicians and performance events.

A prayerful fellowship that offers prayer retreats and opportunities for devotional spiritual growth.

A creative community that encourages the development and appreciation of theatrical and other arts.

A caring community committed to healing ministries such as healing prayer services, therapeutic mind-body-spirit practices like yoga, while training and sending servants of care to those in need through Stephen's ministers, SCCM (South Caldwell Christian Ministries) volunteers and other service ministers

A relationship-building organization knit together by small groups, including home prayer groups, clubs, and other informal groups.

A facility that includes and outdoor prayer area for self-guided and group prayer.

An inter-generational organization that provides vibrant opportunities for youth, families and seniors to gather for fellowship, support, prayer, and service.

A community of faith that celebrates a variety of cultures, languages and human expressions.

A place that houses programs supporting families and children, particularly after-school programs, recovery programs and senior support activities.

A community that alleviates the barriers of the handicapped and disabled so that all people are availed the opportunity to join in fellowship, worship, and service, including transportation help and support.

A place where all people feel the invitation and connection of Christ that helps them experience a sense of family within the church.

A place where visitors are engaged, receive welcome and follow-up, and are woven into the complete fabric of the church.

A place where children and youth enjoy events designed specifically to address their interests and needs including camping ministries, confirmation, and Vacation Bible School.

A place where all baptized children are valued as full members of the body of Christ and given opportunities to serve where they are able.

A place that welcomes outside groups to use our facilities for the betterment of the surrounding community.

A teaching church that offers in-depth youth and adult educational courses designed to increase faith and sharing of the faith.

An ecumenical church committed to appreciating and working with other faith traditions in service to the world.